Zombie Army 4 Dead War Funny Moments - Italian Pizzeria!

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  • Use my Creator Code Vanoss on the Epic Games Store: store.epicgames.com/vanoss/zombie-army-4-dead-war #EpicPartner

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  • Halloween in December?

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  • Inglorious Bastards reference lollll

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  • Captain Clean

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  • When’s vanoss gunna play shotgun farmers again

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  • you are nothing for alibg

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  • i’m enjoying the two person gameplay

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  • Omg this reminds me of deadrising Nostalgia

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  • Hehe they reference inglorious bastards

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  • 2:40 wait....victor is my name

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  • “AL QAYEDA AL QAYEDA” - Terroriser December 9th 2020

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  • jerry can for the win

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  • Is there a Russian audience from a mikhaker?

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  • ~gorlami~ the amount of references to IB is phenomenal

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  • I'm Italian pizza isn't Italian its greek

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  • I am Italian and I think that is so funny 😂 😂😂😂😂

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  • 2:05 Satan Clause

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  • Vannos speak French please

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  • F for getting downed. Oh it's also the button to throw a grenade

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  • I came early yay! I love ur videos vanoss

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  • I am Italian and I can confirm that they are speaking some fluent Italian.

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  • watching vanoss scroll past the command to throw a grenade and then reading the one right next to it...💀

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  • I'm Italian, in fact I'm Bolognese, and I can confirm we actually speak the babba di boopy language

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  • Santa becomes Satan

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  • Terroriser is technically correct with his costume since Santa is and anagram for Satan S A N T A S A T A N

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  • its sooo funny becaus im italian

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